Psoriasis treament and cancer scare

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Psoriasis is actually an autoimmune disease that occurs in the skin. It’s a chronic recurring condition and has the appearance of scaly patches of skin on top of the first layer of skin and can remind you of a severe case of eczema.

While watching TV the other day an ad came on for psoriasis treatment but as I don’t have this condition I wasn’t really paying attention until the risk factors were mentioned. This particular treatment gave increased possibilities of developing cancer!

To me this is shocking, and why on earth would someone put themselves at risk of cancer voluntarly?

According to a research on psoriasis there are other options to treating this kind of condition than using such terrible medication as mentioned above. Both fasting and a diet rich in vegetables and healthy fats seemed to be a good solution. Omega-3 was very much recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as the fat-soluable vitamines A,D,E and K which are vitamines many people have a deficiency of.

If I’m not mistaken here this sounds very much like a LCHF type of diet. Removing inflammatory causing foods (i.e sugar, gluten, legumes and dairy) will only do a body good!

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