Getting jiggly with it…

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I’m not sure if you have experienced what I’m going through right now; getting jiggly. What I mean is that after lifting weights, doing high intensity workouts and following a pretty strict low-carb diet my firm look has gone soft. It made me really discouraged when I noticed it, for the first time in my life that I had developed a muffin-top hanging over my pants.

Looking for the specific info for the condition happening was very interesting and it seems more common than what I thought. Even though I have never heard of anyone in my fitness circle struggling with this nor had clients with this kind of issue I sort of felt alone for a second.

According to my findings this is a positive situation even though it might be frustrating and gross. It all means you are about to get lean, and the more jiggly you are the better it is. Different theories suggest that the fat is gone leaving the fat cell with water (water retention) until the body feels comfortable letting go. Another one is that you have improved the blood flow near the surface of the body by growing blood vessels in the fat area leaving it jiggly.

I second the last statement as I don’t feel like I hold too much water even though it’s quite common in women. Fat mobilization requires a rich blood supply and if blood flow is being restricted to the adipose tissue (fat deposit) it will cause impaired nutritive blood flow and reduce fat burning possibilities. The task of the circulatory system is after all to bring oxygen, nutrition and free fatty acids to the cells while removing waste products. As most of us also have an unevenly distributed circulatory pattern in the body some areas will have better blood flow than other areas.

Just this part resembles most people including myself as I quite often had cold hands and feet etc. Now my feet are constantly on fire! I feel warmer and suddenly the pleasure of staying in the sun is not so pleasurable unless I’m on the beach. Also, being seated all day with legs crossed is a typical way of restricting blood flow during a day’s work. …hint hint…moving around is actually good for you! Take your 5 minutes.

If you are like me you like to lose the fat and keep the muscle (this sounds so much like a cliché) despite being jiggly or not. When I talk about the jiggle it represent the subcutaneous fat which is what you will find between muscle and skin holding back your toned and lean look. However, you also have intramuscular fat which is the fat within the muscle and when reduced it makes the muscle feel hard; while visceral fat is the solid fat that exists beneath the skin and muscle that surrounds the organs also known as belly fat. From a health point of view visceral fat is the fat you should be most worried about having too much of as it’s linked to cardiometabolic risks.

The body will utilize fat from all of the three sources mentioned above but you can’t choose where, how and when this will happened. Spot reduction is a complete myth. As both fat storage and mobilization are directly controlled by fat cells’ blood supply. It means that in order to burn body fat the adipose tissue must be able to release stored triglycerides into the circulation. According to a research the adipose tissue is highly insulin sensitive and in people with insulin resistance the process of mobilizing fat and its storage is subdued.

Solution: Eat better, move more,  lift heavy and get enough sleep!

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