Did you know….black tea is fermented?


I absolutely love black teas! I think I started to drink tea around the time I was 10 years old. It started with Lipton yellow with tons of sugar to Twining earl grey with lots of sugar to a whole variety of black teas (love Mexican chili mango among others) and no sugar. Sugar is not a part of a healthy diet and therefore not in my drinks either.

Black teas have a bunch of benefits  such as anti-oxidants, and from a medical stand point black teas can help with treating headache, low bloodpressure to tooth decay and kidney stones . In one study  it showed that the oxidized catechins in black tea may even reduce cholesterol in blood.

Cups up for black tea!


One Response to Did you know….black tea is fermented?

  1. Jin says:

    I love tea too. Your tea bag thingy is awesome looking btw…where did you get it?

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